The Importance of Being ConnectED

I have been thinking about making a website for a few years.  My husband has been (gently) pushing me to make it.  I have many twitter peeps who have suggested it.  Sometimes I tend to be a bit OCD.  I don’t get out of bed until the clock shows a minute number divisible by 5.  I think that I have to start things like blogs when new school years start.  I need to have nice, organized categories for my posts, and a list of posts ready to go.  This year, I’m trying to step out and let go of that perfectionist side.  I still ended up waiting for the school year to start – mostly because this summer has been busy.  However, I don’t have nice, organized categories ready to go.  I’m not sure when I’ll post again (though I will try to do so at least once a week).  This website isn’t anywhere near being done.

This summer I got to travel – a lot.  I was not home for an entire week  once the calendar turned to June.  I attended workshops at the University of Kansas, University of Nebraska, and Kansas State University.  At each of these workshops, I got to learn from professors and how to connect their research to my classroom.  I also got to meet a lot of other great educators and beg, borrow, and steal a lot of their fantastic ideas.

I also attended EdCampSWKS.  This was scary for me, as I went by myself – only knowing people through twitter.  I am a bit of an introvert and meeting people (even people I kind of know) is terrifying.  I had signed up for the past 2 summers, and let excuses get me out of it.  This summer, I pulled up my big girl pants and headed to Dodge.  I’m glad I did – again, because I got the opportunity to beg, borrow, and steal a lot of great ideas.  Thanks to the ladies of USD 355 for letting me join you for lunch!  😉

I have had the opportunity to work with one of my favorite twitter teachers, Kelly O’Shea.  We had some Chemistry Google Chats.  I got to attend Physics Teacher Camp in Sacramento, California – one of her pet projects in connection with AAPT.

In addition to these fabulous opportunities, I was also honored to be able to lead a few workshops around the state, as one of the Kansas NGSS trainers.  I always learn so much from these opportunities – especially when I am partnered with a teacher like Denise Scribner!

My highlight of the summer?  Attending the NSTA STEM Forum and Expo in Denver with 6 awesome colleagues, and getting to hear from (and take pictures with) the AMAZING Derek Muller!  He gave his This Will Revolutionize Education keynote – with a bit more details and activities than this video.  If I can summarize a bit:  the role of teachers is to help students “get off of the couch” and get CONNECTED with their learning.  (For a little more, check out his guest post on Frank Noschese’s blog:  What Puts the Pseudo in Pseudoteaching).

Connection.  This year, I want to delve a little bit more into this word – and these experiences.  This is just an intro post – if I say it, that means you’ll hold me accountable to more, right?  😉

One powerful little word.  How are you experiencing the power of being connectED this year?Veritasium Selfie